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Posted August 13, 2020/Best Cob Premium Horse Bedding

Best Cob Premium Horse Bedding is made from lightweight, absorbent parts of the corncob. The parts are compacted into pellets using only steam and water as binding agents, which means there are no harmful additives or chemicals. The pellets break down into soft particles and become highly absorbent bedding material. Best Cob’s horse bedding is 100% natural and will compost in as little at 6 months—that’s 1/4 the time of wood shavings. Best Cob Premium Horse Bedding is available in bulk and 40-pound bags and can be purchased at Tractor Supply Co. at a discounted price starting in October 2020. The best information we can give regarding the quality of the horse bedding product comes directly from our users: of Best Cob Premium Horse Bedding. Hear it from our users. “My stalls have never been easier to clean.” “Have used shavings and other bedding products for my horse. This product is by far the best I have ever used. It makes cleaning so much easier, reduces smell and lasts much longer than shavings or pine pelleted bedding.” “This bedding is time saving, creates less waste, and has terrific odor control. We have been using Best Cob bedding in our horse stable and have been amazed by its longevity, and how much time and money we have saved.

Available in Bulk and 40-Pound Bags at Tractor Supply Company at a Discounted Price Starting October 2020

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