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Posted April 21,2021/FIRECORN

Wellcornus is using Best Cob’s top quality whole corncob, in the development of a natural fire starter using biomass. They are the only company using corncob, a representative biomass resource to produce a natural fire starter. They own the production and manufacturing technology to create FIRECORN.


FIRECORN is a natural fire starter that replaces traditional fire starters that contains toxic substances and release harmful gases upon ignition. Made from natural corncobs, it easily ignites charcoal, briquette, firewood, brown coal, etc. Its unique properties allows corncobs to ignite without generating harmful gases, making FIRECORN the environmentally friendly fire starter for barbecues, campfires, fireplaces, tail gate parties, wood burning pizza oven, and many others.


So many wonderful benefits from this great product! FIRECORN is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. Instant kindling with a long lasting powerful blue light flame, fueled by biofuel.


See for yourself what their Amazon customers have to say about FIRECORN.


5.0 out of 5 stars We love our Firecorn! Reviewed December 1, 2020

I have been looking for an all-around product I could use in my fireplace, Big Green Egg, and while we were camping. This product is amazing. Lights extremely easy and does not put out a foul odor or smoke. My kids and I hate the smell of lighter fluid, and this has no odor on our food. This is by far the best product on the market to light fires! I would highly recommend this to anyone. Great price as well and eco-friendly!


5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing! Reviewed November 27, 2020

The fire ignited very quickly and strongly due to the fire corn pieces. There was no foul odor or smoke, it just quickly lights up. I love this product and definitely suggest it.


You can find more reviews and information on FIRECORN sold on Amazon. We recommend you try this phenomenal product today! : Firecorn Fire Starter – All Natural Instant fire Starter for BBQ, Campfire, Pizza Oven, Firepit, Charcoal, Briquette – 200g per Package (6 Pack) : Garden & Outdoor


Posted March 25, 2021/Diamond-Dry® Corn Cob Absorbent

Spring is in the air!  Along with Spring, comes baseball and softball season!


For quite some time, corn cob has been used as an agent to dry wet spots on ball fields across the country! Corn cob by nature is a great product for many absorbent applications. Since it is all natural, it works very well on soils and ball fields. It dries fields in minutes so we can all get back to America’s favorite pastime quicker! 


Diamond-Dry is the registered retail name of Best Cob’s field absorbent. The registered trademark of Diamond-Dry® guarantees the highest-grade corn cob is in the bag. An all-natural biodegradable, and renewable product made from corn cobs with no chemicals, coloring, or other additives. It is sold as pallets of 50 bags with 40 lbs. per bag.


There are so many advantages to using Best Cob’s Diamond-Dry. Superior absorbency requires less product per application which equals, less warehouse space, less bags handled, less labor, and less freight. Spreads quickly and easily, dries fields in minutes. No impact to soil character and no residue build up. Can be applied to both wet grass and muddy areas. Most importantly, no need to reschedule games!

Posted February 15, 2021/Using Corn Cob as a Carrier

Corncob has many uses.  Many applications where corn cob is used involves corn cob being mixed with or formulated to carry chemicals or substances. Some of the most popular examples of this use include:  a lawn and garden carrier for fertilizer and plant treatments, a carrier for pesticide products (particularly grub or ant control), a carrier for medicated animal feeds, animal pharmaceutical products as well as a carrier in animal minerals and mineral blocks.  For these products, cob is the mode that is used to “carry” a substance or active ingredient for its end use. 


The grit part of the cob serves as the best carrier. Best Cob offers grit in many different sizes to fit each customer’s need. Grit is measured through a screening process and divided, as larger particles do not fall through certain screen sizes.


The grit exhibits two important characteristics that make it a great carrier for products—especially for lawn and garden. These characteristics include its strong penetration ability and ability to offer slow release of chemicals. Because the cob is enviro-friendly, biodegradable, and inert, it does not react with or impact the integrity of the additives in any way.  It is frequently tested in formulations to find the best option for our customers.


Our users have only scratched the surface of the variety of ways cob can be used as a carrier in formulations for products.  Corn cob grit is not only all natural, it is a byproduct from another industry.  Our customers take pride in the fact that they are incorporating a very “green” product in the making of their own product.


 If you have a project or product that you think corncob could work as a carrier, please contact our office at 1 (800) 237-8262.  We would be happy to help guide you toward the best options to fit your needs! 

Posted January 8, 2021/Why is Indoor Cob Storage Important?

Best Cob prides itself in producing high quality products. Storing all the raw material under roof is an important first step in achieving the best product quality! It takes a lot of warehouse space to make this work! In 2019 Best Cob built another storage building to ensure that raw material was housed under roof.


Cobs are procured at harvest time—late summer and early fall—but it is not possible to process all those cobs at once, so Best Cob must find storage space for thousands of tons of raw corncob. The production plant then pulls cobs from these piles as cob is milled year-round.


There are several advantages to storing the cobs under roof. First and most importantly, inside storage keeps the cobs in prime condition. They are not exposed to the environment like they would be if stored in an outside pile. Outside cobs take on rain and snow and form an outer “crust” layer. This layer is exposed to all the outdoor elements and can eventually change color, affect moisture content, and increase mold levels.


Best Cob takes pride in the color and uniformity of the cob product produced. Cobs are used as an absorbent and/or carrier in many industries. These industries and other industries that Best Cob serves prefer to use a clean and consistent product, ensuring an efficient manufacturing flow. Moisture content is also very important to cob customers, as low moisture levels are typically a desired characteristic. If cobs are kept dry throughout the procurement process, the moisture content is stable and stays low. It has been proven that the indoor storage of cobs significantly helps limit the development of mold in the raw cobs. Mold on cobs can affect the color and sometimes the smell of cob product.


Best Cob has made a significant investment to assure customers are getting the best quality product to fit all their needs.

Posted December 9, 2020/Best Cob Community and Global Outreach

Best Cob is a faith-based company, and we make it a priority to support our employees, their communities, and our world.


Best Cob actively participates in supporting local youth, athletic, and social programs through funding and in-kind contributions with the goal to help grow and sustain healthy businesses and our communities.


On a global level, Best Cob is proud to support the Amazon Salt & Light mission. The Steidinger family of six, spreads the Gospel in the Amazon River Basin and helps Brazilian Missionaries to plant churches and start Christian cell groups along the Madeira River. Ultimately, their mission is to transform lives and build locally-lead multi-generational churches in every community of the Amazon River Basin. Their network in Brazil and their reach to and relationships with the 1,200+ unchurched communities in that area are expanding, working towards their goal of spreading the Gospel faster and farther to fulfill the Great Commission. Most recently in October they planned a conference to serve their National Workers. They have always supported their National Workers financially with help from leadership but learned this also includes emotional and spiritual support. The conference gave them time to express concerns and excitements they have encountered over the last two years and hear God’s vision for their area in the future.


If you are interested in learning more about Amazon Salt & Light check out their website.

Posted November 4, 2020/Best Cob Quality

Best Cob prides itself on the safe and consistent quality of product made for our consumers. All our product is manufactured in Independence, IA at a clean plant. This assurance of quality is imperative to Best Cob’s status as a licensed feed manufacturer with both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the State of Iowa.

Best Cob is also in compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and can provide documentation/information to customers regarding our compliance requirements, policies, and safety regulations to ensure that our product meets customer standard for food safety and exceeds expectations for the quality of a corncob product.


Best Cob’s own Certified PCQI Quality and Safety Manager, Cathy Ciesielski, oversees the plan and policies of production to ensure complete compliance with all requirements for FSMA animal feed. In fact, live product quality testing is completed at least every 6 hours, to guarantee the consistency of product.
Quality is second-to-none at Best Cob.

Red semi truck

Posted October 2, 2020/Best Cob Trucking/Freight

Best Cob operates a fleet of company-owned trucks and trailers. The head of our freight department, Nate Sandrock, schedules brokered freight and manages back-haul opportunities. This ensures Best Cob’s ability to provide nationwide, year-round service to meet our customers’ specific delivery needs.

Best Cob offers a range of delivery options—from true truck-load bulk, to bulk super sack bags, and palleted 40-pound bags—Best Cob can customize delivery for every customer.


Best Cob’s trucking division offers competitive pricing, clean transportation, reliability, experience, and superior customer service.

If you are interested in more information, contact our freight department at or call 1 (800) 237-8262.

Posted August 13, 2020/Best Cob Premium Horse Bedding

Best Cob Premium Horse Bedding is made from lightweight, absorbent parts of the corncob. The parts are compacted into pellets using only steam and water as binding agents, which means there are no harmful additives or chemicals. The pellets break down into soft particles and become highly absorbent bedding material.


Best Cob’s horse bedding is 100% natural and will compost in as little as 6 months—that’s 1/4 the time of wood shavings.
Best Cob Premium Horse Bedding is available in bulk and 40-pound bags and can be purchased at Tractor Supply Co. at a discounted price starting in October 2020.


The best information we can give regarding the quality of the horse bedding product comes directly from our users: of Best Cob Premium Horse Bedding.


Hear it from our users;


“My stalls have never been easier to clean.”


“Have used shavings and other bedding products for my horse. This product is by far the best I have ever used. It makes cleaning so much easier, reduces smell and lasts much longer than shavings or pine pelleted bedding.”


“This bedding is time saving, creates less waste, and has terrific odor control. We have been using Best Cob bedding in our horse stable and have been amazed by its longevity, and how much time and money we have saved.”

Available in Bulk and 40-Pound Bags at Tractor Supply Company at a Discounted Price Starting October 2020

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