Industrial Clean-Up

Pet Litter & Animal Bedding

Industrial Clean-Up

Corncob is an enviro-friendly and biodegradable product that can be used to absorb a variety of fluids, including water, oil, grease, sludge, and coolant, making it ideal for routine shop spills or large industrial absorbency needs such as oil fracking. Due to its superior absorption capability, less material is needed to get the job done.

In addition, due to corncobs being lightweight in nature, they add less volume than other absorbents, thus reducing cost on material, transportation, and disposal.

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Pet Litter & Animal Bedding

Best Cob corncob is an ideal bedding for horses and litter for birds, cats, mice, rats, guinea pigs and other small animals. It is an all-natural, biodegradable, and enviro-friendly substance with no harsh chemicals to cause irritation, making it a healthy choice for sensitive animals.

Corncob is light weight, ultra absorbent, and granular in form. It allows liquid and odor to freely flow to the bottom to be captured, thus controlling ammonia levels, increasing animal hygiene, and making cleanup quick and easy.

Pet Litter & Animal Bedding Product Info Sheets

Absorbency Corncob Applications:

Oil Absorbent

Solidifying Fracking Water

Laboratory Packing Material

Antifreeze Absorbent

Sports Turf Absorbent

Traction & Non-Slip Agent

Pet Bedding

Horse Bedding

Bird Litter