Polishing & Deburring


Corncob is used in blasting as a dry and virtually dust-free mild abrasive that removes material without damaging underlying surfaces. Little sanding is necessary, unlike sandblasting & power washing, that may cause pitting & fuzzing of wood, thus saving both time and expense.

Corncob grit presents no personal health hazards. It is an enviro-friendly and biodegradable substance that makes cleanup easy. It is resistant to break down and can be re-used multiple times during the blasting process, dramatically reducing the quantity of abrasive material necessary for a particular job.

Best Cob corncob grit is available in a variety of sizes and is compatible with standard sandblasting equipment.

Blasting Product Info Sheets

Polishing & Deburring

Corncob is characterized as an abrasive and absorbent material, both of which are desirable in the tumbling and deburring process.   It is capable of polishing and deburring parts while simultaneously cleaning and drying them. Having a low moisture content, allows for supreme absorption of oil and other liquids during the finishing process.

Size selection is typically determined by the desired finish, the surface, and the diameter of any holes or cavities in the part. The selected size should not contain particles that would lodge in part openings. 

Polishing & Deburring Product Info Sheets

Abrasive Corncob Applications:

Log Home Maintenance

Paint Surface Preparation

Oil & Grease Removal

Tumbling Media

Vibratory Finishing Media

Boat Hull Cleaning

Metal Polishing & Deburring

Jewelry Cleaning