The Best Cob Difference

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Best Cob Specializes in Creating the Highest Quality, Enviro-Friendly, Sustainable, and Renewable Corncob Products That Service and Support a Wide Range of Industries Since 1966. 


We are a faith-based company who focuses on our communities and employees.  We pride ourselves on being a preferred, reliable supplier who stores corncob indoors to ensure the cleanest, driest, high quality product to consistently meet our customers’ expectations.

Made in the USA

Our corncobs are locally sourced, dye and additive free, and a direct by-product of the seed corn industry.

Stored Indoors

Best Cob corncobs are stored indoors to ensure they are free of contaminants, mold, and moisture.

High Quality

We implement a rigorous testing & quality assurance process on all products to ensure consistency.

In-House Logistics

Best Cob has an in-house Trucking Department to ensure consistent, on-time deliveries.