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The Best Cob Difference

Best Cob produces the highest quality, widest variety of corncob products.

Superior Cobs

Clean and Dry Seed Cobs

Our corncobs are locally sourced, dye and additive free, and a direct by-product of the seed corn industry.

Stored Indoors

Fully Enclosed Controlled Environment

Best Cob corncobs are stored indoors to ensure they are free of contaminants, mold, and moisture.

In-House Logistics

Dedicated Freight Team

Best Cob has an in-house Freight Department to ensure consistent, on-time delivery of quantities from truckloads to individual bags.

Continual Testing

During and After the Production Process

We implement a rigorous testing and quality assurance process on all of our products to ensure consistency.

Custom Solutions for Unique Applications

Best Cob can produce and deliver custom corncob products to meet your unique application specifications, from sterilization to dust control coatings.

Eco-Friendly Corncob Products

Our corncob products are biodegradable, renewable, and 100% environmentally friendly.

Commercial Applications

Ranging from industrial to laboratory uses.

Retail Applications

From pet bedding to feed additive to litter.

Why Corncob?

An ideal alternative to clay or chemical-based materials.

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Best Cob is committed to delivering industry-leading corncob products.

We offer the widest range of corncob products for your most challenging and unique applications.

Animal Litter, Pet & Horse Bedding
Free-flowing and cellulose-based for higher absorbency than clay.
Absorbent & Cleaning Media
Ideal for remediation of water, oil, & antifreeze, and surface cleaning without damage.
Medication & Nutrient Carrier
Highly absorbent, with high particle counts to ensure homogenized mixtures.
Corn Cob with breakdown
Finishing & Polishing Media
Use for deburring, part finishing, and metal polishing.
Insecticide & Herbicide Carrier
Eco-friendly, biodegradable, and lightweight, with a high resistance to attrition.
Laboratory Test Bedding
All natural, inert, and odorless, eliminating testing contamination.

The Cob Blog

Learn about the wide variety of uses and applications for corncob and how to identify the right product for your needs.