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Our Commercial Products are each customized to your specific absorbent, abrasion, carrier or filler application. See how. »

Best Cob Commercial Products

  • Grit Products

    Grit comes from the hard, woody ring part of the cob. It is used as a carrier in lawn care, insect control, animal nutrition, etc. Other applications include foundry, mushroom growing, metal polishing, and pet bedding.

  • RP Products

    RP (Reground Pellet) product is made mostly from the beeswings, chaff and pith of the cob. RP products have exceptional absorbency characteristics for clean-up projects, oil fracking applications, animal waste and are often used as carriers as well.

Retail Products

From Ground Bedding to lawn care, paper to plastics, and mushroom compost to animal feed carriers – Best Cob makes products that can be used in all aspects of your life. Find out more.

Biodegradable corn cob products

Biodegradable corn cob products

Best Cob has been earth friendly or green safe since the day we opened in 1966.

About our green commitment

BestCob, LLC.

Best Cob, LLC.

Best Cob LLC is a corn cob processor located in Independence, Iowa, since 1966. We process corn cobs for a multitude of industries and end users by grinding, screening and air cleaning finished cob particles.

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