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Corn cobs in a pile

Carrier Applications

Best Cob LLC enjoys a great partnership with several name brand manufacturers that use cob products as a carrier to safely dilute active ingredients and enable uniform application or dosing of their otherwise concentrated product by end users.

Inert corn cob particles are an excellent choice for a carrier in products such as animal feed additives and pharmaceuticals, lawn care products to control weeds & insects, insecticides, etc. The various grit/flour products are available in several different particle sizes providing customers the opportunity to find a Best Cob LLC product to meet their specific carrier requirements. These cob products are processed with consistent bulk density, particle size distribution, and flow ability characteristics. Best Cob’s manufacturing partners and the end users of products can expect a consistent product load after load, pallet after pallet, and bag after bag.

Processed corn cob products are absorbent, nearly odorless, & very palatable. The inert cob product will absorb the active ingredients with little or no negative impact on animals, plants, or the environment. The inert cob carrier is easily biodegraded in the environment or digested by animals leaving the active ingredient to perform without interference from the carrier.

Agriculture Application

Clean dry corn cobs offer many solutions for various agricultural farmers. It can be used for large and small animal bedding. Also, corn cobs are mostly cellulose and are a great feed additive for cattle.

Ground corn cob can support the growth of various types of mushrooms. Cobs retain a good amount of moisture to make it a plausible alternative to other materials of substrate for mushroom growers.