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Corn cobs in a pile

Best Cob works with many major retail organizations to supply Best Cob branded and private labeled products. In addition, Best Cob offers corncob products direct to the consumer through the Marketplace.

Our Best Cob branded retail offerings range from bedding to chemical absorbents:


Best Cob Premium Horse Bedding

Best Cob Premium Horse Bedding is made from the lightweight, most absorbent parts of the corncob. These parts are compacted into pellets using only steam and water as binding agents, without the use of harmful additives or chemicals. The pellets break down into soft particles and become a highly absorbent bedding material. 100% natural, Best Cob Premium Horse Bedding will compost in as little as 6 months, 1/4 the time of wood shavings.

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premium-animal-beddingBest Cob Premium Small Pet Bedding

Best Cob Premium Pet Bedding is made from 100% ground corncobs ad consists of the largest, most absorbent particles from our grit product family. Clean, low dusting, high-clumping, and biodegradable, Best Cob Premium Pet Bedding is an ideal choice for a variety animal of sizes, ranging from Guinea Pigs to Ferrets.

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diamond-dryBest Cob Diamond-Dry® Absorbent

Best Cob Diamond-Dry® Absorbent is an all-natural, biodegradable and renewable product made without chemicals, coloring, or other additives. Highly absorbent, Best Cob Diamond-Dry® Absorbent does an exceptional job of absorbing water on baseball, softball and soccer fields, by raking into wet areas to ensure playability within minutes.
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Best Cob Industrial Absorbent

Best Cob Industrial Absorbent is a biodegradable, corncob based absorbent, which can soak up oil, gas, antifreeze, and chemicals quickly for easy disposal. Made without chemicals, coloring, or other additives, Best Cob Industrial Absorbent is virtually dust-free, and leaves no residue.
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