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As a Christian-based company, Best Cob supports the Amazon Salt & Light program and its’ missionaries who are devoted to transforming lives through sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.


We spread the Gospel further, faster in the Amazon Basin. We offer support to Brazilian missionaries to plant churches and start cell groups in communities along the Madeira River. 


Mission Statement

Speed God’s Kingdom establishment among the un-reached of the Amazon River Basin. To take the gospel farther, faster.


We Value

  • God in His eternal glory
  • Jesus Christ, God’s Son, coequal with Him, made fully man, the perfect sacrifice for the sins of all
    people through His death on the cross, resurrection from the dead and ascension to heaven
  • God’s Holy Spirit, coequal with Him, actively drawing people to Jesus Christ for relationship with God and present and alive in every true Christian
  • The Bible as God’s inerrant message for all mankind
  • Every person, made in God’s image for His fellowship and glory, unique and known by Him but marred and separated from Him because of sin
  • Salvation as God’s gracious gift for all who by faith trust Jesus Christ as their savior
  • God’s global and timeless Church, assembled, fully equipped, commissioned and actively living for God’s glory as His family and stewards in local communities