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Corn cobs in a pile

Corncob is a highly absorbent, biodegradable, renewable material that can be used for a wide variety of applications and industries. Processed corncob is inert and nearly odorless, with little to no negative impact on plants, animals, or the environment. With its ability to quickly absorb active ingredients, corncob can be used as a carrier to safely dilute active ingredients and enable uniform application or dosing, or a superior substrate alternative for mushroom growers. Corncobs are mostly cellulose, and are also an excellent feed additive for cattle.

Corncobs are composed of 47% Oxygen, 44% Carbon, 7% Hydrogen, less than .5% Nitrogen and the balance is trace elements.  Due to their composition, corncobs are shelf-stable for long periods of time, resist high humidity, free of oils, chemicals, and other additives. Corncobs come in shades of white and red, and contain cellulose and starches – no proteins or carbohydrates, making it an inert material for a wide variety of uses.

Cob breakdown with labels
Super Absorbency

Corncobs can be used for spill cleanup of oil, grease, coolants, and most viscous fluids. Corncobs are extremely more effective than clay, requiring 1/3 less material with over 2-times the absorbing capacity. The greater fluid holding capacity, higher BTU value, and low ash content also make corncobs ideal for incinerator, wastewater, and water mitigation use.

Ideal Carrier

Inert corncob particles are an excellent choice for a carrier in lawn care products, pharmaceuticals, insecticides, and animal feed additives. Corncob can be ground into various grit and flour particle sizes with consistent bulk density, particle size distribution, and flow ability characteristics, to meet virtually any specification.

Soft Abrasive

applications. Less abrasive than sand, 100% biodegradable and silica-free, corncob can be used to clean log homes, concrete, facility interiors/exteriors, and equipment. Corncob can also be utilized in blast cabinets, tumbling, and vibratory machines to polish metal parts for automobiles, laboratory equipment, and specialty component manufacturers.

All Natural

Fully biodegradable, corncob particles are all natural. A by-product of the seed corn industry, Best Cob corncob is produced in an earth-friendly, “Green Safe” processing plant, and uses only seed corncobs that are dye and additive free.  No animal based additives or raw materials are used.