Why Corncob?

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Corncob is an enviro-friendly by-product of the seed corn industry. Best Cob corncob is manufactured in a "Green Safe" processing plant and uses only corncobs that are dye and additive free.

Renewable Resource

Best Cob corncob  is a renewable resource and is more readily available than other commodities


Corncob can be processed into many different sizes to meet a variety of needs and applications (i.e. carriers, absorbents, abrasives, feed, specialty)

Parts of a Corncob

The composition of a corncob is made of 4 parts, and each component has unique characteristics, which can be used for a variety of end use applications

   1) Pith – White center (Carbon-based and Highly Absorbent)


                    2) Woody Ring – Internal ring (Course Composition and Soft Abrasive)


          3) Chaff – White and soft (Moderately Light and Highly Absorbent)


                          4) Beeswing – Pinkish and flaky (Very Light, Fluffy, and Highly Absorbent)

Industries and Applications

Spill Cleanup / Absorbent

  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Sludge
  • Other Non-Aggressive Fluids


  • Animal Feed Nutrition/Medication
  • Insecticide/Herbicide/Pesticide

Feed Extender / Filler

Animal Bedding / Litter

Sports Field Maintenance


  • Cement
  • Log Home Maintenance & Restoration
  • Cleaning & Paint Removal
  • Boat Hull Cleaning & Restoration

Polishing & Deburring

  • Metal
  • Ammunition

Traction / Anti-Slip Agent

  • Roads
  • Building Maintenance