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Since 1966, Best Cob has been the industry’s highest quality corncob producer.

Located in Independence, Iowa, Best Cob serves a wide range of industries, including metal finishing, abrasive blasting, animal bedding, animal feed, mushroom cultivation, lawn care/pesticides, pharmaceuticals, reclamation, waste water treatment, sports field management, automotive, forging, and industrial production.

The Best Cob manufacturing process is unique. Our operation allows multiple sizing lines to run simultaneously, so we can quickly deliver customized products to meet unique application needs. Our team has over 75 years of combined expertise in designing specialized products for absorption, carrier, filler, cleaning, feed, bedding, and cultivation with corncob. The ability to develop and produce custom solutions with consistent quality is the essence of what makes Best Cob your ideal partner and supplier for corncob products.

Grinders inside Plant

Best Cob stores our corncobs indoors to reduce contamination.

End Loader Empty Bucket

We store all of our corncobs indoors to ensure protection from rain, snow, dirt, and environmental exposure. This ensures all of our corncobs are fresh and free from decomposition, rot, mold, mildew, sand, and contaminants, which degrade and impact the quality of other processed corncob products.

We implement continued quality testing to ensure consistency.

Best Cob continually tests our products throughout the production process to ensure consistency and quality. We implement an initial quality check once production begins, and draw samples throughout the production process. Sample testing includes bulk density, a visual inspection and a particle size screen test to guarantee consistent particle sizing and flow.

Best Cob has over 210,000 sq. ft. of production space, on a 70-acre campus. We grind over 34,000 tons of corncobs annually, and modernized production operations in 2015 with a new digital production control system for remote production monitoring and control, hammer mills, bag houses, and sifters. In 2017, an expanded quality lab was added, including new testing equipment and materials.

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