horse-beddingBest Cob Horse Bedding, manufactured in Independence Iowa, has brought horse owners a revolutionary new horse bedding solution for the 21st century!

Best Cob Horse Bedding is made from the lightweight, most absorbent parts of the cobs. They are compacted into pellets using ONLY steam and water as binding agents; NO potentially harmful additives or chemicals are used in our process. When you put Best Cob Horse Bedding in your horse stalls, your horses will step on the soft pellets and in very short time (approx. 24 hours) break them into a VERY SOFT and EXTREMELY ABSORBENT horse bedding material.

Mother Nature grows these biodegradable corn cobs which we use in our horse bedding in America’s Heartland. Our special formula is 100% all natural, and will compost in as little as 6 months compared to wood shavings which can take up to 2 years! Our continuous quality control assures consistent, top-of-the-line horse bedding for your horse stalls all year round.

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