The customer is always number one on our priority list, that is why we look forward to becoming business partners with you. We continually strive on a daily basis to provide quality product and are always looking for more innovative ways to improve our processes. Best Cob, LLC utilizes multiple lines of equipment to process corn cobs enabling us to provide a wide range of customized products to meet your needs.


  • Blasting (Soft Grit) Cleaning
  • Metal Finishing/ Polishing


  • Bulk Ground Bedding/Feed
  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Lawn Care/Pesticide Carrier
  • Livestock Feed/Pharmaceutical Carrier


  • Chemical Wastes, Oil, Grease, Anti-Frees
  • Athletic Field
  • Pet Bedding

Private Label

  • Customization of Products


  • Plastic Extender or Filler
  • Filler for Composite Products

Product Grades

  • Grit Products
  • Regrind Products

Safety Data Sheet