Best Cob LLC is a corn cob processor located in Independence, Iowa, since 1966 with a corporate office located in Rock Falls, Illinois. We process corn cobs for a multitude of industries. Our manufacturing process of corn cobs offers multiple lines of sizing operations so we can adapt to the specific needs of our customers. We welcome the opportunity to link our customers. We welcome the opportunity to link our customers together from various industries to achieve their goals.

Best Cob LLC produces the highest quality of corn cobs throughout the industry.

How can we support this claim?
We store corn cobs inside buildings on cement floors. Keeping corn cobs stored inside provides protection from all of the elements, such as rain, snow and dirt. Our inventory is fresh and free from decomposition, rot, mold, mildew, dirt and sand, all of which can degrade and lower the quality of processed finished corn cob products.

About the Industry

The corn cob processing industry started around the mid 1900’s and evolved significantly over the years. Whole corn cobs were originally sourced mostly from local farmers who picked corn in the fall with the entire ear of corn intact. Farmers would put the ears of corn in storage to dry, and the following summer, would shell the corn from the cobs.
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Earth Friendly

All of our products are made in the USA and are additive free. We make everything from 100% natural corn cobs. The cob is a by-product of the seed corn industry and is purchased from seed companies throughout the Midwest. Corn cobs are completely renewable and bio-degradable.
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Corn Cobs 101

What is a corn cob? Where does it come from? There are four components of the cob that are used in different processing of the products we produce. We use every part of the corn cob.
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